UK MoD - Libya Operational Update

Chief of the Defence Staff Strategic Communication Officer Major General John Lorimer said:
"NATO's Operation Unified Protector, to protect Libyan civilians under threat of attack and enforce United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, continues at a high tempo, with the UK Armed Forces making a significant contribution.
"Tornado and Typhoon ground attack aircraft from the Royal Air Force patrolled over the besieged city of Misratah on Monday, and attacked a number of regime targets in the area, damaging or destroying two mobile radar systems, two multiple rocket launchers and a main battle tank. At sea, HMS Brocklesby has played a key role in NATO's efforts to keep open shipping access to Misratah port, which remains operational despite Colonel Qadhafi's attempts to deny it to humanitarian shipping, and HMS Liverpool remains engaged on surveillance operations off the Libyan coast."