TALON Laser-Guided Rocket Completes Key Milestone

Raytheon has successfully completed additional testing of the TALON Laser-Guided Rocket on the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter.

The precision rocket achieved seven direct hits, resulting in TALON meeting or exceeding all Raytheon test objectives. The tests included firing from hovering and moving platforms, as well as the ability to engage targets from short (1.2 km/.74 miles) to long (6.0 km/3.7 miles) ranges.

The TALON system is a semi-active laser guidance and control kit that can be fitted to 2.75 inch unguided rockets, thus providing the missiles with greater potential accuracy. 2.75 inch rockets are currently in use by the US and international community.
Vice President of Raytheon Missile Systems’ Land Combat Systems, Michelle Lohmeier, commented that ‘TALON has been tested to the very edges of its performance requirements and is the only laser-guided rocket solution in the world to achieve an air-launched direct hit from a range of 1.2 km.’ The success of the tests puts Raytheon ‘one step closer to providing warfighters with an unprecedented precision rocket capability’.
Raytheon lists the benefits of TALON as:
  • Precise
  • Affordable
  • Uses current fielded laser designator fire control systems
  • Requires no hardware change for aircraft integration
  • Easy to use and train on
  • Increased reliability and longer shelf life
  • Modular nature allows for growth

The TALON system is being developed by Raytheon and Emirates Advanced Investment Group under a cooperative development effort.