Royal Saudi Air Force Selects GOLDesp for Logistics Solution

Royal Saudi Air Force Selects GOLDesp for Logistics Solution

La Jolla, CA – October 1st, 2009 – Miro Technologies announced today that the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) has selected GOLDespTM as the central logistics application to replace Autolog as part of EMDAD, a new turn-key, state of the art, network-centric logistics project. GOLDesp will provide a fully integrated maintenance and supply solution for all RSAF fixed wing and rotary aircraft, and also extends to flight simulators, armaments, and components such as ejection seats.

"We are delighted and honored to be selected by the RSAF after a deep and rigorous selection process," declared Vincent Monteparte, President and CEO of Miro Technologies. "We have a strong commitment to knowledge transfer as part of EMDAD, just as we have done with our many other customers. Training will form a central part of our implementation strategy with everything from front line training to deep level education in our GOLD Academy. Miro is committed to a long term presence in Saudi Arabia and the region."

GOLDesp will enable the RSAF to modernize its logistics support for all weapon systems and provides a unique de-centralized capability across all bases with automated data distribution for centralized HQ visibility. GOLDesp already fits a majority of military business processes, thus minimizing customization and facilitating rapid implementation. GOLDesp also offers the ability to integrate with MILS supply messaging protocol, thus enabling seamless communications with weapon system prime contractors.

GOLDesp (Enterprise Service Platform) is a service-enabled maintenance and logistics management solution that supports interoperability between defense forces (air, land, sea) by unlocking IT resources from their application silos and making their functionality broadly available across the organization. Miro’s service oriented architecture (SOA) allows business processes to evolve, facilitates easy connectivity to other applications and allows users to add and enhance components over time. This means customers can adapt to change as it happens, more responsively with lower long-term costs.

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Miro Technologies® provides advanced solutions for Aftermarket Logistics, Maintenance and Supply management in the Aerospace & Defense and Commercial MRO markets. GOLD and GOLDesp, our battle-test, fully deployable flagship applications help enable and sustain PBL programs by expanding the PBL umbrella to include sub-tier suppliers in the supply chain through to the warfighter on the battlefield. Frost & Sullivan recently awarded Miro Technologies its 2009 European Defence Logistics Product Line Strategy Award. This industry accolade is presented annually to the company that has demonstrated the most insight into customer needs and product demands. Further information about the company and its product suite can be found at