Commander of United States Air Force Central Command to Discuss Integrated Air Defence Strategies at the 2nd Annual Air & Missile Defence Summit

We are pleased to announce that Lieutenant General Mike Hostage, Commander, United States Air Force Central Command, will share the long-term role of the United States Air Force in the region in creating anintegrated air defence umbrella at The 2nd Air & Missile Defence Summit, which is taking place from 30 May to 2 June 2010, Armed Forces Officers Club, in Abu Dhabi.

He will be joined on the agenda by top defence industry experts including Dan Kirby, who is the Director of Raytheon’s Systems of Systems and John Urias, who is the Vice President of Raytheon’s Programs & UAE SL-AMRAAM Capture Lead, whowill present on developing a comprehensive approach for integrated air and missile defence from a theater strategic vision to implementation.

In addition, industry experts from Lockheed Martin Company, The Boeing Company, ThalesRaytheonSystems and Rheinmetall Air Defence AG will present on the advanced technologies which are being implemented to achieve improved interconnectivity and interoperability between military and industry players for a blanket protection of the region’s air space.

Other presenters includeBrigadier General (P) Genaro Dellarocco, Program Executive Officer, United States Army Missiles and Space; Major General Peter Vangjel, Deputy Commanding General, Third Army/U.S. Army Central; Air Vice Marshall Harsha Abeywickrama, Deputy Chief of Staff, Sri Lanka Air Force; Colonel Laurens Jobse, Commander, Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) Air Defence Command, Lieutenant Colonel Paolo Nuvoloni, Air & Missile Defence Section Chief, Italian Air Force General Staff and Brigadier General Hani Odeh Awad Al-Hajaj, Director, Royal Jordanian Air Defence Field.

Air & Missile Defence Summit 2010 runs from 30 May to 2 June at the Armed Forces Officers Club, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Further information may be obtained at

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