Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy – Poised to take off

24th March 2014 – Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy, based in Australia, has been delivering accredited and fully customisable flight training solutions for allied defence and para-military clients and is now positioning itself to become the largest helicopter training operation in the southern hemisphere.

Becker Helicopters has been in the helicopter pilot training environment for the last 20 years in Australia and specifically has been providing an Initial Entry Rotary Wing training program for Military organisations since 2008.

Becker Helicopters is the only company in the Southern Hemisphere delivering a military syllabus through an innovative, efficient, privately owned, civil approved organisation, offering significant cost and time efficiencies.

The Becker Academy has the largest civil fleet of Bell 206 helicopters in the world. Operating 20 turbine helicopters and currently conducting 15,000 flight training hours per year with a key focus in IFR, NVG and advanced tactics, the Becker training system is responsible for providing Military aviators to its clients at a fixed cost within a fixed time frame.

Capt. Mike Becker has a key insight on successfully setting up training systems and providing a cost effective solution for Military organisations in an environment of tight budgetary restraints but performance based delivery giving those organisations that come through the Becker Pilot Academy pilot resources that then easily transition onto sophisticated multi engine helicopters through their operational conversion units. With US, Middle Eastern, Australian and South East Asian Countries now using the Becker system it is proving to be the model for the modern military organisation.

The Becker model addresses and overcomes some of the typical frustrations experienced in military flight training - delivery, resources, pricing and reasonable time frames. It is a training system that achieves military outcomes through civil approvals.

With its large fleet which includes glass cockpit technology and NVG equipped aircraft; procedural trainers; mix of military and civilian instructional staff; and in-house maintenance facility; the Becker training system applies the best use of technology and instructional design techniques to deliver high quality and solutions-based training outcomes, with proven results and huge growth capacity.

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, the climate is ideal for flying with an average of seven hours sunshine a day, clear skies, low levels of air traffic, and options of controlled or uncontrolled airspace. The Pilot Academy’s proximity to a range of flight training areas maximises training time.

Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy has its sights on becoming the largest helicopter training organisation in the Southern Hemisphere. Demand for the Becker training model is growing. Over the past three years, the Academy has been producing between 80 to 100 students per year. With an evident increase in immediate demand, preliminary discussions are underway to establish additional training facilities to accommodate an additional 300 students over the next 12 months bringing Becker’s output to around 400 students per year by late 2015. Within its long term strategy of satellite schooling, longer term plans are afoot for an output of 1000 students per year.

In recognition of an exemplary safety record, CFI Mike Becker, who has over 15,000 hours, is the recipient of the "Captain John Ashton Award for Flight Standards and Aviation Safety" by the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators of London (now known as The Honourable Company of Air Pilots).

Becker Helicopters has all the necessary approvals and accreditations to issue internationally recognized Diploma qualifications. It is approved through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to enroll international trainees who qualify for student visa.

As a CASA approved flight training school and a Registered Training Organisation, Becker Helicopters undergoes frequent safety, quality, and integrity audits by a range of government entities and is currently applying for ISBAO Accreditation.

More info – Mike Becker +61 417 608 938