The Weekly Recap: A Certain Land War in Asia, Discount Special Forces and 'Sharing (EU Tankers) Means Caring'

The Weekly Recap: In a valiant effort to avoid coming to the point, we've produced one of our longest roundtable podcasts to date. Fortunately, it's also exceedingly entertaining and, to some extent, informative. We jump off the deep end with Keith Mallon's commentary on the assassination of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani and this quickly leads to a downward spiral in which Senior Editor Robert Densmore segues to a discussion of US Special Operations budget cuts. It isn't pretty, but he seems to get the point across - only to realise he's left virtually no time for Defence Dateline columnist Jonathan Dowdall to enlighten us on recent developments in the EU's pooling of aerial refuelling capability. No one can accuse us of leaving the best for last.