Military Flight Training: The Global Community's Annual Meeting

Contributor:Defence IQ Press
Posted: 01/19/2017

Over its 15 year history Military Flight Training Community’s Annual General Meeting, bringing together over 250 Chiefs of Staff, Commanders of Air Training, Heads of Air Procurement, Heads of Simulation & Synthetic Training and industry executives from across the globe to discuss the challenges and success shaping military flight training for now and the future. 

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Military Flight Training 2017

Industry influencers and senior military leaders will be at the 2017 Military Flight Training conference, taking place 28-30 March in London, UK. Download the brochure today.

In doing so it provides a rare platform to share lessons learned and best practice in current fixed wing and rotary military flight training requirements, capabilities and programmes, engaging in international collaboration on a very real level with key allies and strengthen the message of cooperation with counterparts across the world. 

Military Flight Training is organized with the support and direction of Senior Leaders from across the military and industry sectors of the flight training community. With this in mind, each presentation topic and guest speaker has been specifically selected inline with the priorities and recommendations of the community to ensure it provides attendees with the critical information they need to solve their daily flight training challenges. 

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Contributor: Defence IQ Press

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London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, London, United Kingdom
February 26 - 28, 2018
London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, London, United Kingdom
February 26 - 28, 2018
Hilton Syon Park Hotel, London, United Kingdom
March 12 - 14, 2018