UK MoD: Libya Operational Update - 7 July 2011

Posted: 07/06/2011
UK Ministry of Defence [MoD]
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Major General Nick Pope, the Chief of the Defence Staff’s Communications Officer, said:

"Royal Air Force aircraft were again in action over the last two days, protecting Libyan civilians from the risk of attack by Colonel Qadhafi’s regime.

"On Tuesday, Tornado and Typhoon jets used Paveway guided bombs to mount a precision strike on the large ammunition depot at Waddan in central Libya, destroying five storage bunkers buried in the hillsides. The same flight then proceeded to conduct an armed reconnaissance patrol over the Djebel Nafousa, 300 miles to the north west, where a regime mortar position near Yafran was located and successfully attacked.

"Patrols over the Djebel Nafousa continued on Wednesday, and RAF aircraft destroyed an artillery piece near Gharyan. Further to the east, an armed pick-up truck was spotted and destroyed near Zlitan.

"Since the start of military operations to enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army Air Corps strikes have damaged or destroyed more than 570 regime targets that were involved in the repression of the Libyan people, ranging from tanks and artillery pieces to command bunkers and secret police facilities."