UK MoD: Libya Operational Update

Major General Nick Pope, the Chief of the Defence Staff's Strategic Communication Officer, said:

"UK Armed Forces were again in action yesterday over Libya.

"The NATO-led coalition continued to mount effective air patrols over wide swathes of the country to enforce UNSCR 1973. Near Zlitan, Royal Air Force Tornado and Typhoon aircraft destroyed four of Colonel Qadhafi’s main battle tanks, while to the south, near Bani Walid, they attacked a tank transporter. Another patrol engaged a self-propelled gun near Gharyan.

"Off Misratah, HMS Ocean launched British Army Apache helicopters to attack a regime military communications installation and multiple rocket launcher which had been identified by NATO surveillance operations. Both targets were destroyed and the helicopters returned safely to Ocean.

"Since the start of military operations to enforce UNSCR 1973, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army Air Corps forces have successfully attacked over 430 regime targets involved in Colonel Qadhafi's persecution of the civilian populace."