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Contributor: Georg Mader
Posted: 07/14/2017
With new Italian leadership at the controls, the CEO of Czech jet manufacturer Aero Vodochody tells Defence IQ the company will return to the trainer market as a force to be reckoned with. Full Content »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 07/10/2017
Major General Frank M. Muth, talks through the process and progress in building a brand new helicopter capability for the Saudi National Guard, from planning to execution. The successful creation of the AH6i brigade has seen additional equipment already procured for two further brigades. Full Content »
Contributor: T. Magill
Posted: 06/29/2017
Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry has promised to speed up the procurement process for spare parts and maintenance needs to remedy ongoing problems with its fleet of MiG fighters as it begins to explore new fighter options. Full Content »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 06/20/2017
Defence IQ spoke with Brigadier General Michel Lalumière, Director Force Development, Royal Canadian Air Force, to explore the RCAF’s future pilot training and simulation strategies. Full Content »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 06/05/2017
While commercial aircraft have long been employed to carry out ISR tasks, preference among many governments and militaries is to veer away from conventional large jet airliners or small prop-planes. Instead, a golden mean is being found in the business jet – and Gulfstream Aerospace is at the forefront of the market. Full Content »
Contributor: Georg Mader
Posted: 05/19/2017
Egypt is in talks with the US for the purchase of up to 12 IOMAX Archangel counterinsurgency aircraft to be used for border patrol runs in the northern Sinai region. Full Content »
Contributor: Oliver Austin
Posted: 04/18/2017
Boeing has had to reassure Canadian officials over recent complaints from US Navy pilots over apparent oxygen deprivation and cockpit pressure loss during flights of several F/A-18 Super Hornets. Full Content »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 02/21/2017
Footage of airstrikes on Daesh targets, undertaken by US and UK forces as part of its support to Iraq in the coalition campaign to reclaim Mosul (Operation Inherent resolve), has been released to the public. Full Content »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 02/20/2017
Once a year, the International Military Helicopter Conference gathers Chiefs of Staff, Commanders, Enginners, Programme Managers and leading industry representatives from across the rotary and broader defence communities to take an in-depth, critical view of the current and future role and capabilities of military helicopters.  Debates th Full Content »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 02/14/2017
Keith Flail, VP of Global Military Business Development at Bell Helicopter, walks Defence IQ through the latest updates on the development of the V-280 'Valor' and the V-247 'Vigilant', as well as the overall impact that tiltrotors are having on military and humanitarian operations after his brief at International Military Helicopter (London, UK).. Full Content »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 02/13/2017
General Herbert J. 'Hawk' Carlisle discusses the U.S. Air Force's latest air combat efforts, including the benefits of the F-35 and the expansion of airborne sensors.Defence IQ's International Fighter 2016 took place in November 2016, featuring the critical issues and technologies supporting the mission including: 5th Generation capability, F-35 pr Full Content »
909 results
of 83