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Download Defence iQ's 2021 Events Calendar now.

“One of the advantages of attending these events is that the military get to describe our challenges... and then our industry partners can give us an idea of what is in the realm of the possible - what technologies are out there - and then as we give them requirements, they can give us possible solutions.” General David Perkins, Commanding General, U.S. TRADOC

Defence iQ hosts 40-50 international conferences and workshops each year. These forums bring together senior leaders from defence industry, policy and military to strengthen global partnerships and alliances and encourage debate and discussion about doctrine and strategy, technology and evolving operational need.

Crucially, our events provide prime contractors, non-traditional defence companies, SMEs and start-ups with a vital touchpoint from which to educate and inform our global network of military end users and government about their strategic vision, new concepts, capabilities, and future plans for innovation.

Our 2021 Event Calendar is available to download now. Access it here.