Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation: 2018 Post Show Report

The information environment is developing into a new battlefield with data as a main strategic resource. How are NATO Science and Technology organisations responding to the new environment?

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The importance of new military technologies 

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The second Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Conference took place in London 24-25 September 2018. Sponsored by Northrop Grumman, Cyber Ark, and Marklogic.

The Conference demonstrated that innovation through ‘MILTECH’ (defined by Com JFC as AI, autonomy, data analytics, behavioural science, blockchain and simulation) requires a systemic approach.

However, there is a consensus that innovation is neither easy nor a comfortable process. Existing national and alliance mechanisms for planning, programming and acquisition are often still rooted in conventions that lack the tempo, agility and expertise to match the new requirements, opportunities and risks.

Find out what was discussed at the 2018 Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Conference

Space conflict and digital age technology. Source: Shutterstock

What will you learn?

  • How the UK Armed Forces has gained an edge over adversaries for wars in the Information Age through innovation, integration and information of commercial technologies

  • Transforming the OODA LOOP and the Impact of Big Data and AI

  • New visions for capability transformation and the importance of people 

  • Technological exploitation and the threat posed by our potential adversaries

  • How to  to change the established way of thinking

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