Philippines defence spending plans 2016

With 7,107 islands and 10.2% of the world’s coastline, the defence capabilities of the Philippines are stretched to face challenges including piracy, terrorism, illegal fishing, pollution, smuggling and more. In response to these and other threats, the Philippines government has increased its 2016 defence budget by 9.2% for 2016, reaching a total of PHP126.62 billion ($2.66 billion). This represents a record defence budget for the country.

As part of this increase, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) modernisation programme, has also risen from PHP15 to PHP25 billion pesos ($528.3 million). With this new spending power, 2016 is expected to be a significant year for defence related procurement in the Philippines.

To learn more, in this feature we take a look at the procurement plans of the Philippine Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force.

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Philippines defence spending plans 2016.
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