US-UK defence treaty takes important step towards ratification

The US-UK defence treaty has taken a key step towards ratification, following its approval by Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
The Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty, which would improve the support to our Armed Forces by reducing the bureaucracy in defence trade relations, was signed three years ago, but the United States has yet to ratify the agreement.
Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox championed the treaty during a visit to Washington in July and he has pushed for progress to be made.
The vote by the Foreign Relations Committee took place yesterday and it will now be considered by the Senate and House of Representatives.
Commenting on the news of the approval by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he said:
"We are very keen to continue building upon the already strong US-UK relationship and this treaty plays a vital part. I am encouraged to see that progress is being made and I hope now that it will be possible now to move swiftly towards agreement when it is considered by the Senate and House of Representatives."