UN Chief urges end to use of force in Syria after civilian deaths

New York
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon last week voiced deep concern over the situation in Syria, where more civilian deaths have been reported during the latest popular demonstrations, and called for an immediate end to the use of force against peaceful demonstrators.

Mr. Ban reiterated his appeal to the Syrian Government to abide by its international human rights obligations.

He took note of the announced intention of the Government to implement reforms, saying he is convinced that there is no alternative to an immediate and inclusive dialogue on comprehensive reforms to address the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people, according to a statement issued by his spokesperson.

Media reports Saturday stated that several people were killed when demonstrators took to the streets following Friday prayers in a number of Syrian cities. Security forces are reported to have opened fire on p rotesters in a suburb of Damascus killing four people. Dozens of people have been killed in previous demonstrations.