UK MoD: Libya's Operation Ellamy update

The Chief of Defence Staff's Strategic Communications Officer, Major General Nick Pope, said:
"UK Armed Forces were again in action yesterday over Libya as part of NATO's Operation Unified Protector.
"Royal Air Force Tornadoes joined other NATO aircraft in a major strike on a large surface to air missile depot in Tripoli, attacking eight targets within the complex as part of the continuing effort to maintain the No Fly Zone, imposed by UN Security Council Resolution 1973 to protect Libyan civilians under threat of attack.
"At sea, HMS Ocean launched her British Army Apaches against a multiple rocket launch system positioned on the Libyan coast near Brega. The Attack Helicopters used Hellfire missiles to destroy their target before returning safely to the ship. As before, these missions were supported by other NATO aircraft, including RAF Sentry, Sentinel and Nimrod surveillance aircraft and VC-10 tankers.
"Since the start of military operations to enforce UNSCR 1973, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army Air Corps forces have successfully attacked over 410 regime targets involved in Colonel Qadhafi's persecution of the civilian populace."