UK MoD: Libya operational update - 05 August 2011

Major General Nick Pope, the Chief of the Defence Staff’s Communications Officer, said:

"All three of the UK Services again saw action yesterday against Colonel Qadhafi’s former regime in Libya, as NATO’s Operation Unified Protector continued.

"Royal Air Force Tornado and Typhoon aircraft struck two locations in Zlitan which intensive NATO surveillance and analysis had shown were being used by Qadhafi’s troops. A Grad multiple rocket launcher system, concealed under trees, was also destroyed. Similar missions were also flown against targets identified in the Djebel Nafousa, including two buildings used by artillery teams firing into Yafran, and a headquarters and camp for troops mustered at Gharyan.

"Last night, HMS Liverpool closed in to fire a number of salvos from her 4.5" gun against a mortar and rocket position near Zlitan. Following up on reconnaissance information provided by the RAF and other NATO air patrols earlier in the day, British Army Apache helicopters launched from HMS Ocean. Supported by Fleet Air Arm Sea Kings providing radar overwatch, the Apaches attacked a pair of vehicle check points used by Qadhafi’s men to prevent the free movement of civilians in the area. Five military vehicles were destroyed in and around these positions. Meanwhile, RAF jets conducted a precision strike against the Bin Ghasir missile depot in Tripoli; ten Paveway guided bombs were dropped."