PUS and Service Chiefs issue letters to civil servants and civilian staff

The outcome of the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), announced on 19 October 2010, will see significant reductions of some 25,000 in civilian manpower in Defence by 2015.
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Defence
In light of this, recognising that civilians across Defence face a time of considerable personal uncertainty while work to establish how we will deliver the required reductions in the civilian workforce continues, the Permanent Secretary (PUS) has written to all MOD civil servants, and the single Service Chiefs of Staff have written to all civilian staff who work to support the Navy, Army and RAF to:
  • recognise the quality of their work;
  • set the future in some context;
  • thank them for their continued professionalism and commitment to supporting the Services; and
  • emphasise that civilians are and will continue to be an integral part of all that the Armed Forces do and are vital to success.
Co-ordinating with the work to implement the conclusions of the SDSR, the Defence Reform Unit is taking forward the Defence Reform Review examining all the major aspects of how Defence works: policy, strategy and finance; the Armed Forces, with a particular focus on non-front-line elements; and the acquisition, commercial, estates and corporate services. The Grimstone review of civilians in Defence is part of this work. The Defence Reform Unit will re-evaluate the way the MOD is structured and managed and will report in July 2011. We expect changes to be implemented incrementally as the review progresses.