Prime Minister discusses Libya with US President

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke with President Barack Obama this week about the situation in Libya.
They discussed the co-ordination of international efforts to end the violence against the Libyan people and to ensure accountability.
Both leaders agreed that the common objectives in Libya must be an immediate end to brutality and violence, the departure of Gaddafi from power as quickly as possible, and a transition that meets the Libyan people's aspirations for freedom, dignity, and a representative government.
The Prime Minister and the President agreed to press forward with planning, including at NATO, on the full spectrum of possible responses, including surveillance, humanitarian assistance, enforcement of the arms embargo, and a no-fly zone.
They have committed to close co-ordination on next steps.
During the conversation the PM and the President also discussed the situation in Egypt and the campaign in Afghanistan.
This article was taken from the Number 10 website.