Polish defence budget projected for 2013

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The Budget of Ministry of National Defence for 2013 is to amount 31 billion 170 million 785 thousand Polish zloty and it will be 6,74 per cent higher than the 2012 budget. It is almost 2 billion zloty more than in 2012 (for this year 29 billion 203 million 205 thousand zloty is planned).

The expenses for modernisation of the armed forces in 2013 (part of the budget concerning property) are to amount 8 billion 168 million 762 thousand zloty, what is 26,2 per cent of MOD budget. It is over 1 billion more than in 2012 (for this year 7 billion 137 million 786 zloty is planned).

Expenses for modernisation, called "central suport" in the budget, will be 12 per cent higher than this year. For 2013 over 10,7 billion zloty is planned for that purpose. This part of the budget comprises among other things purchase and repairs of armament and military equipment, building investment, purchase of ammunition, fuel, uniforms, fire-fighting means, medicine and food for mobilisation reserves, as well as Polish contribution to NATO investment programs.

Comparing to 2012 the highest rise is planned in expenses for research and development - 78,4 million zloty what is over three times more than in 2012. Expenses for medical care will be 86 per cent higher.

The budgetary bill will come into force after approval of the Parliament.