ISAF Investigates Civilian Casualties in Nangarhar

ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan
The International Security Assistance Force is investigating an operation conducted in Nangarhar province on 20 February that resulted in Afghan civilians being accidently killed and wounded.
Coalition forces observed three insurgents emplacing an improvised explosive device along a road. After gaining positive identification, coalition forces engaged the enemy.
Following the engagement, coalition forces observed three vehicles travelling to a local hospital. The passengers of the vehicles later reported the roof of their compound collapsed during the engagement, resulting in the casualties.
"This is a deeply regrettable accident," said U.S. Army Col. Patrick Hynes, ISAF Joint Command Combined Joint Operations Center director. "We are investigating this tragic incident to find out how it happened to try and prevent it from happening again. We will meet with local leaders in the area and ensure they understand what happened. Our thoughts and concerns are with the families."