Defence IQ Library Book Reviews Have Arrived – A Call to Arms

Neil Waghorn

DefenceIQ has launched a book review section to the portal. Designed to give our readers an insight into what we’re reading and rating at the moment, with suggestions of books that our readers may appreciate (or not as the case may be).

We have been set a challenge of expanding our review library to a hundred books within twelve months. To succeed we need you, our readers, to help. We’re looking for contributors ranging from Programme Developers and Project Managers through to Subject Matter Experts, Analysts and Students to help us rise to the challenge!

At the moment, our reviews range from Soviet intelligence and Hamas through to robots and counter-insurgency in the jungles of Malaya... but this is only the start. We’re looking to add reviews on even broader topics ranging from high energy weapons for dummies through Clausewitz to submarines and stealth technology. The objective is that there will be something for everyone. The library will begin to rapidly expand so keep checking for any topics that particularly grab your attention.

If the library hasn’t covered your interests (yet) then help DefenceIQ fix that. If you don’t want to submit a review, then send us along your suggestions of books or topics that you think are important and we’ll review them for you. For those interested in submitting a review, contact us. Reviewing is a good way of getting your name online and linked to DefenceIQ. Following the success of the DefenceIQ Top Blogger competition, a similar contest is being considered. To the victor the spoils – and potentially a banner or badge for online use.