Counting the Cost of the Libyan Campaign

Neil Waghorn

Operation Unified Protector against Gaddafi forces in Libya has cost Britain £260 million to date. In its 6th month, the NATO led campaign is still ongoing, with a Senior British Official recently admitting that ‘progress has not been as swift as we would have liked.’ The cost of the British contribution Operation Unified Protector is coming out of the MoD reserve, rather than the MoD budget.
The breakdown of British costs are as follows:
  • £120 Million on operational costs
  • £140 Million on replenishing munitions
The diplomatic effort to remove Gaddafi is progressing at a more tangible rate, with the Canadian Government announcing on Monday their decision to expel the remaining staff from the Libyan Embassy. Canada is the latest in a list of countries refusing to recognise representatives of the Gaddafi regime, with the Libyan embassy in London being taken over by the Transitional National Council on Tuesday.