Afghan National Army commander calls for more ISAF assistance ahead of pull out

Reported by Laurent Rathborn
MOD Press Briefing
Update on 16 Air Assault’s Progress in Helmand Province
MOD Main Building
19 JAN 2011
A press briefing conducted live from Task Force Helmand headquarters by the UK Ministry of Defence and the head of the Afghan National Army in the province yesterday continued to back the 2014 pull-out of British troops.
Commanders are now calling such a withdrawal "feasible" due to a "change in momentum" that has benefitted ISAF and ANA forces. Citing a "difficult year" ahead, Brigadier James Chiswell (ISAF) stressed that the insurgency was "under pressure" and that there had been an improvement in the local population’s confidence.
Meanwhile ANA Brigadier General Sheren Shah was careful to stress the need for increased recruitment and training of police and the need for more medics, a possible sign that more casualties are expected as ISAF/ANA forces push to secure the region ahead of the withdrawal timetable and handover to ANA troops.