The Weekly Recap: The Russian Panic, Speaking Littoral-ese and Putting the 'Special' in Warfare

The Weekly Recap Just like a recurring nightmare, the Weekly Recap has returned once again to bring you random thoughts and speculation on the week's defence and security news. Senior Editor Robert Densmore is joined by Defence IQ's Keith Mallon and Defence Dateline correspondent Jonathan Dowdall to blitz through our international news picks. We start off at a leisurely pace with Jonathan's story about Russia's response to NATO over recent missile developments in the Baltic. Unfortunately, things take a nasty turn with Keith's hectic hashing over of the US Navy's Littoral Combat Ship programme. It's confusing, but, as usual, it turns out he is mostly spot on with his assessment. What would a closer be without some discussion of the future of special warfare? Nowhere. Which is why we always try to save the best for last. Well, we usually get it right, anyway.

Military listeners with any interest in the two events Mallon mentions at the end of the recap take note: Get in touch with us now if you fancy a free place at either event.