The Weekly Recap: Giant Sucking Sound of British Aerospace Exports, the Threat of Chinese Peacekeeping and Tripoli's Heroes Celebrated

The Weekly Recap: After a week spent hard at work gathering the industry's latest stories at DSEi (Defence & Security Equipment International) in London, we settle down to our roundtable podcast session - none the wiser. Defence Dateline's Jonathan Dowdall and Defence IQ's Keith Mallon join Senior Editor Robert Densmore in providing obscure insights into even more obscure news features. First on the agenda: Jonathan picks apart the recent ADS report on the value of the defence sector to the UK economy. Keith then takes the lead by drawing our attention to Chinese efforts to contribute to UN peacekeeping efforts. We're not entirely sure if he's serious., but are quickly distracted by Robert's Spiegel Online story covering the Sarkozy-Cameron visit to Tripoli. We can vouchsafe that no facts were (too) seriously harmed during the making of this recap.