The Weekly Recap: A Starving Chinese Navy, the Cold War 'Part II' and NATO's Silly Blame Game

The Weekly Recap It's time, once again, to turn our attention to the week's events. Short listing topics was a punishing process, but Jonathan Dowdall of Defence Dateline Group and Robert Densmore, Senior Editor for, came back to the round of recriminations circulating among NATO leaders. Libya, of course, is at the heart of this discussion - will the strain of operations break NATO? Debate transitions to the even spicier discussion of Chinese naval operations (and the starving crews conducting them) in the South China Sea and American nostalgia for the Cold War. We also apologise for any untoward comments about Henry Kissinger (or Paul Nitze, for that matter).
The Infamous Meeting: Admiral Mullen is stymied by the General - and the figure hiding
behind his chair [image: Chinese MoD]