Sensitech's Role in the Military Logistics and Supply Chain

Militaries have to work in a wide variety of climate and temperature, often extreme cold or blistering heat like in Iraq, and much of what the military transports is sensitive to temperature. From munitions to fresh food supplies to medicines and even blood, militaries have a very sophisticated logistics chain and pay close attention to the conditions in which supplies are transported. In Steve Di Rubio’s view, the biggest challenge facing the military customer is the complexity of the supply chain itself.

He described the supply chain process for military logistics and how the military customer knows their logistics or transport partner is as good as they say they are. They must consistently demonstrate best practice.

Di Rubio gave advice to supply chain and logistics companies working for the military, stating that cold chain breakdowns are often caused by operational and procedural inefficiencies. He then elaborated on where he saw Sensitech playing a role in ensuring logistics and supply chain companies are able to meet the expectations of their military customers—by pursuing consistency of baseline performance.

Of course, there are cost implications for logistics companies considering solutions like those of Sensitech. In this very competitive market with tight margins, Di Rubio believes that customer retention and satisfaction are the pay-offs for his customers.