8 Military and Intelligence Podcasts I’m listening to:

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I wanted to write a short post to kick off the year and wish you all a 'Happy New Year' before January is completely over. Isn’t 2021 going fast? Lockdown life in London has become a bit of a blur, and I swear it’s not the medicinal alcohol.

I’m told ‘listicles’ do well. I googled and found a listicle is ‘a piece of writing or other content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list’. The artist formerly known as list.

  1. The Convergence – An Army Mad Scientist Podcast. Coming out of US Army Futures Command the pod has excellent access to both senior level interviewees as well as specific and relevant experts drawn from across the impressive intellectual depths of US Army/DoD. Exceptional insights into cutting-edge US thinking.

  2. The Western Way of War – a weekly RUSI Podcast on how to fight and succeed against adversaries in the 2020s. The podcast poses the same set of questions to high level (predominately UK) commentators who approach the topic from different angles. Reassuringly British. Thoroughly recommend.

  3. Angry Planet – a Podcast about the world in conflict. Formerly known as ‘War College’ the Podcast has been going since 2015. It has a steady flow of authors and other experts on a rage of relevant topics. Good for keeping up with events and ideas.

  4. The British Army’s Leadership podcast, from The Centre for Army Leadership – Great UK content, having hosted General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith (the professional head of the British Army) twice, they clearly have inside access! Only 5 episodes so far, a new one to watch…

  5. Modern War Institute at West Point – going since 2016 there is a great back catalogue that touches on a huge range of topics. New episodes continue to shine light into new areas. With episodes an hour long, this one is great if you’re going for a decent run.

  6. The Spear – Modern War Institute at West Point – another MWI pod but focussed on the combat experience. This one really brings home the ultimate goal of the defence enterprise, that all the work ultimately culminates in the tip of the spear and the decisions that need to be taken while under fire.

  7. Intelligence Matters – hosted by Michael Morell, former Acting Director of the CIA. Focussed on the Intelligence Community the pod covers recruitment, career paths, profiling terrorists, operations. Exceptional insights with top-level guests.

  8. Urban Warfare Project – led by John Spencer, Chair of Urban Warfare Studies with MWI. A fascinating dive into this niche. I particularly enjoyed the episode on Underground Warfare. It really brought home the complexities of the environment. For example, the pressure effects caused by discharging weapons underground, or the challenges of metal cutting/welding (hint, oxygen!)

What are you guys listening to? I'd be excited to hear!