Top 10 Defence Companies: Finmeccanica #8

Finmeccanica is eighth in the top 10 defence companies list.

Finmeccanica S.p.A. is part-owned by the Italian government and is active in seven sectors including aeronautics, helicopters, space, defence and security electronics, defence systems, energy and transportation. Its three main strategic sectors are Helicopters, Defence Electronics, Security and Aeronautics.

The company has worked in partnership with other firms on major projects such as the SuperJet 100, Eurofighter, B787 Dreamliner, ATR, Joint Strike Fighter, Galileo and the International Space Station.

Recently, Finmeccanica came under pressure from investigators after allegations of corruption wer made from a 2010 deal to sell AW101 helicopters to India. Giuseppe Orsi, the CEO at the time, is due to stand trial in June 2013.

Here are some stats and facts based on the most recent financial data:

Country Italy

Arms sales (US$ m.) 14,560

Total sales (US$ m.) 24,074

Total profit (US$ m.) -3,206

Total employed 70,470

Ticker symbol BIT: FNC

CEO Alessandro Pansa


Based on data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

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