Smarter Borders: Brexit & Beyond

Posted: 08/24/2016

The perpetration of recent and devastating terror attacks on the civilian populous in mainland Europe has heightened the awareness of border controls across the continent.

In the aftermath of the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, the policing of the country’s borders has been thrown into sharp relief, along with the potential creation of a land border between an EU Eire and a non-EU Northern Ireland.

To broach this subject and more, we spoke to Tony Smith, a 40 year veteran of border security and immigration management, and a past chairman of the Smarter Borders Summit. Click on the image to read the interview...


As the international gathering of border security experts and stakeholders, Smarter Borders 2016 will consider the operational and practical relationship between the UK & Europe alongside the huge shifts in European border protection strategy and programme implementation. To book your ticket now for the event on the 21st - 23rd  November, 2016 in London, UK, please contact us on 0800 652 2363 or +44 (0) 20 7368 9300, email or click on our event logo to register now!

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Posted: 08/24/2016

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