Digital Transformation in Defence Series

Defence iQ’s 2021 Webinar Series is designed to take the defence community on a virtual digital transformation and disruptive technology journey running exclusively Jan - Dec 2021.

Available on a subscription basis these exclusive webinars provide access to the latest thinking and diverse perspectives on the complex process of the digital transformation of defence. Our format is hour-long panel discussions that explain the topics and demonstrate the real world use case or potential applications of a range of digital technologies.

Free to attend for military and government personnel, the series provides access to a catalogue of the past session on-demand and the ability to take part live and ask Q&A at future ones.

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View a free sample session on Digital Twin applications for Future Vertical Lift, click here.

There is now a global competition underway: the winners will be those able to think creatively, invest thoughtfully, and act decisively to build a new competitive edge faster, better and more affordably than their adversaries. The losers will cling to the embers of failing 20th Century models.

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