Digital Transformation Series

Defence iQ’s 2021 Webinar Series is designed to take the defence community on a virtual digital transformation and disruptive technology journey.

Available on a subscription basis these exclusive webinars will provide access to the latest thinking and alternative perspectives on the complex process of the digital transformation of defence. Given the economic shock caused by COVID-19, the potential depths of the recession, and impact on budgets, there is anticipation that defence transformation for efficiency and effectiveness will be an imperative. 

To sign up to these webinars on a 6 month or annual basis please register here.

There is now a global competition underway: the winners will be those able to think creatively, invest thoughtfully, and act decisively to build a new competitive edge faster, better and more affordably than their adversaries. The losers will cling to the embers of failing 20th Century models.

A full annual calendar of the planned webinars, subject to change, can be downloaded here.