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Why adaptability is key for armoured vehicle design

In today's complex military environment, It has become fundamental that armored vehicles can quickly adapt to different combat scenarios. Modularity is fast becoming one the most valuable armoured vehicle design traits, as it not only improves adaptability on the battlefield, but it can also promote cost savings by substantially reducing the logistical tail and need to field entirely different systems for mission requirements. Defence iQ discusses the future of tanks and armoured vehicles, and the importance of modularity in today's battlefield.

Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2020

Technological advances from the commercial sector have been a key driver in the vast armoured vehicles and related equipment market, steering a new era of agile acquisition policies and cutting-edge systems, reinforced by artificial intelligence, advanced sensors and virtual and synthetic products.

Defence IQ compiled its update of the annual comprehensive report highlighting key requirements and ongoing programmes in the Armoured Vehicles space.

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The Rise of Robots

The Pentagon is planning to invest US $1 billion over the next few years for the development of robotics systems to be used alongside combat troops, and the Maneuver Center of Excellence of the U.S. Army is at the forefront of this.

Ted Maciuba, Deputy Director of Robotics Requirements discusses here the place and opportunity of robotics for land forces on situational awareness, manoeuvre, and connectivity

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Land power narrative in an ever-evolving battlefield

In this exclusive Blog, we hear from General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, talk about the radical evolution we are witnessing on the Battlefield and how Land Power is becoming indispensable to achieve strategic ground objectives.

Discover the General's thoughts on how Armored Vehicles fit into the balance of land capabilities, how strategic trends are shaping future requirements and what tools the community has to adapt to a constantly changing battlefield.

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IAV Top 5 Key Takeaways

Ahead of the launch of IAV 2020 - we compiled the top 5 takeaways found at the 2019 edition.

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