International Armoured Vehicles 2020

“Very valuable, gets better and better and is now a very credible business development tool compared to high ticket international exhibitions” – Paul Briggs, Director, PGB Services LTD

Why exhibit at International Armoured Vehicles 2020?

Whether your objective is to break into new markets, cement your reputation as the leading defence technology provider or make sure that you are front of mind with your target customers, International Armoured Vehicles offers you the ideal platform to get your message across.

What’s more, you can create a perfect mix of conference session sponsorship with online, mail shots, target customer acquisition and onsite presence that hits every point on your marketing mix to maximise your ROI.

Interested in finding out more?

Amar Karia
Head of Armoured Vehicles Portfolio
44 (0) 20 7368 9300

Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibition Space

Contact Amar Karia on 44(0)20 7368 9300 for the latest rates!

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  • Gala Dinner Host
  • Sponsored Drinks Reception
  • Lunch Sponsor
  • Speaker Green Room Host
  • Drinks After-Party at the Aviator Sponsor
  • Pre-Conference Welcome Drinks
  • Breakfast Sponsor

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Thought Leadership

  • Speaking slot during main conference
  • Innovation Stage speaking slot during exhibition
  • Focus Day speaking slot
  • Host a Private Workshop
  • Chairing Role During Conference

Many More Opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in this market

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Branding Opportunities

  • Lanyards
  • Delegate Bags
  • Sponsored Pads and Pens for all delegates
  • Water Bottles
  • Internet Pods
  • Badge and Registration Sponsor
  • Premium Signage which will guarantee your company get noticed by all attendees

Many More opportunities to ensure your company is constantly 'front of mind' throughout the event

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Marketing Sponsorship

International Armoured Vehicles is pleased to offer you dedicated marketing support to ensure that you reach out to your contacts effectively and efficiently. Please contact our Marketing Manager, Andrew Robertson for more details: 

VIP Invitation Service

As part of your contract, we are able to promote this event to your clients and prospects offering them a pre-agreed discount on the standard conference prices. All they need to do to claim their discount is quote their priority code and then our customer service team will do the rest!

Below are some of the activities which we can carry out for you:

Online Strategies Offline Strategies

  • Send out a personalised HTML email to your contacts – we will create the text or HTML file for you to send to your contacts
  • Carry your branding on pre-brochure drops
  • Carry your branding on our internal email campaigns – these are our own targeted emails to our internal database
  • Send personalised invitations to your contacts carrying your branding
  • Host your white papers, case studies, fact sheets, reports, press releases etc on our web site – just send them and we will ensure that they are posted
  • Provide a dedicated sales team to follow up on your contacts (clients and prospects)
  • Provide personalised PDF’s for you to send out to your contacts.
  • Work with your PR agency to distribute press releases to media partners
  • Email delegates already booked on to the conference and inform them of the benefits of attending your workshop or session.
  • Facilitate invitations for onsite meetings with delegates.
  • Provide banners for your email auto-signature and website
  • Provide you with hard copies of the brochure delivered to your office for distribution via your sales team or at other events
  • Work with your PR agency or other marketing partners to enhance yours and our Search Engine Optimisation
  • Track and inform you of delegates booked on from your wish list
  • Using our in house database department we can clean/update your contact database for you (only available for pre-print sponsors)

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How To Maximise Your Conference Session Sponsorship

If your idea of a good conference presentation is taking your normal PowerPoint slides, adapting them here and there and putting the name of the event in the footer, then think again!

Our delegates genuinely appreciate the value added from the industry speaker’s perspective as they are a vital part of the equation but, especially if the preparation has been rushed, they can come across as blunt sales “pitches” which, in our experience, is counter-productive. That’s why our production team is at your disposal to carefully craft a session which fits within the context of the overall agenda, responds to the points of high interest revealed by our research and leaves the delegates informed, engaged and hopefully, inspired!

Here are our top 5 tips for a successful presentation:

1) Talk from the customer’s point of view: if you can involve your customers either on stage or through case studies and examples

2) Minimise the slides: it ALWAYS takes longer than you think to get through your slides so LESS is definitely MORE. If you have technical appendices, send them to us in advance so that we can include them in the delegate documentation

3) Use images and video: that old adage about a picture is worth 1000 words is true

4) Make sure you know who’s before you and, if you can, get their presentation slides & notes in advance. If not, make sure you’re in the room when they’re presenting

5) Leave time for questions and try to encourage a couple of your friends in the audience to ask some questions to get the ball rolling

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