Global Armoured Vehicle Market Report 2020

Global Armoured Vehicle Market Report 2020

Defence IQ compiled its update of the annual comprehensive report highlighting key requirements and ongoing programmes in the Armoured Vehicles space. Technological advances from the commercial sector have been a key driver in the vast armoured vehicles and related equipment market, steering a new era of agile acquisition policies and cutting-edge systems, reinforced by artificial intelligence, advanced sensors and virtual and synthetic products. 

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This report offers insights into the activity of nations that have confirmed their attendance at International Armoured Vehicles 2020, such as:

  • United States – update on the Robotic Combat Vehicle experiments, bids for the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Replacement, the Mobile Protected Firepower Programme, the JLTV Programme and the replacement of the ABRAMS MBT fleet with an unmanned or optionally manned vehicle
  • Japan – plans to acquire a new wheeled armoured vehicle to replace the ageing fleet of Komatsu Type 96 8x8 armoured personnel carriers
  • France – an update on deliveries of JAGUAR to replace wheeled combat vehicles in service, such as the ERC90 SAGAIE and the AMX 10RC and the modernisation of the Army’s LECLERC MBT
  • Australia – an update on the $5 billion Land 400 competition and the remaining two contenders, BAE Systems Australia and Rheinmetall, both leading consortiums of companies
  • Nigeria – the entry into service of another batch of Ara APCs to help with the fight against Boko Haram
  • Austria – deliveries of 32 BvS10 articulated all-terrain vehicles from BAE Systems, at a cost of $95 million
  • Germany – BAAINBw’ €900 million acquisition of 2,271 HX2 family vehicles from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles through a framework agreement
  • Poland – update on ‘Borsuk’ and ‘Pegasus’ programmes
  • Lithuania – $435 million procurement of 88 GTK BOXER 8x8 modular AFVs
  • Belgium – acquisition of 60 JAGUAR AFVs and 417 GRIFFON light combat vehicles, deemed the country’s largest land forces procurement deal
  • United Kingdom – procurement of 589 SCOUT Specialist Vehicles from General Dynamics Land Systems UK and 2,747 of US-made Oshkosh JLTV to fulfil part of its Multi-Role Vehicle Protected requirement 

Key benefits of downloading the report:

  • Know top acquisition priorities from countries that will be present at International Armoured Vehicles
  • Develop business strategies by meeting the right people from countries having active programmes and key requirements at International Armoured Vehicles 
  • Gain insights into investment trends from your peers

International Armoured Vehicles 2020 will gather once more a panel of senior speakers and attendees from across the world.

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