2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) conference.

Since our first armoured vehicles event in 2001, we’ve seen the rapid evolution of land power doctrine and technology. 2001 was the start of an extended period of counter-insurgency and counter-terror fighting, leading to the rapid acquisition of armoured vehicles, innovation in counter-IED technology and the proliferation of unmanned aerial systems. Now, we see the emergence of multi-domain concepts of operation, a reorientation towards high-end peer conflict and the aggressive pursuit of disruptive technologies in AI and Robotics, which are sure to revolutionise and re-energise debate within the land forces community – not least, the armoured vehicles market.

IAVs has endured as the essential annual event for the armour community by consistently delivering world-class speakers from both the end-user community and industry partner communities, and by staying ahead of the curve with the technologies and concepts discussed over the four days.

Over 650 armoured vehicles professionals – including over 250 industry experts and 400 military leaders will gather in January at the World’s Largest Dedicated Armoured Vehicles Conference, to discuss the full range of emerging technologies and the changing CONOPS impacting the sector, and how to prepare for challenges 2035 and beyond.

The Unmanned Ground Vehicles Conference taking place on 23 January- led and moderated by the Robotics Requirements Branch of U.S. Army Futures Command- offers a dedicated platform to compliment discussions taking place at International Armoured Vehicles, by deep diving into the world of autonomous land systems. The UGV conference comes highly recommended to any IAV attendee interested in exploring robotics and its disruptive impact on the future of armoured manoeuvre in more detail.

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Why People attend IAVs:

It is the largest, annual and international gathering of armoured mobility experts to develop and share your organisation's capability, knowledge and project management expertise within the largest group of targeted prospective partners, anywhere in the world

Engage with their customers and supply chains in conference and at the exhibition in order to solve common challenges and to bring forward modernisation and development agendas

Explore the future threat environment with the community's thought leaders, policy makers and innovators and support the community's ability to defeat the enemy by demonstrating your armoured capability

23rd January 2020 | Twickenham, London, UK

Led and moderated by the Robotics Requirements Branch of U.S. Army Futures Command

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