Why attend an International Armoured Vehicles conference?

Why attend an International Armoured Vehicles conference?

International Armoured Vehicles is really different from other events where armoured vehicles are usually mixed with all sorts of different capabilities in a large group. Here, it is still a large group but what is absolutely phenomenal is that it’s really focused on the land aspect"

The experience you have in one room and the similar mind sets there, I gained really valuable information here by listening to the experienced and senior speakers. At NIMR, we are there to support our end users and it is really useful for us to understand and see where the work is going. It is invaluable to hear how the militaries have tackled some issues that they have, to see how the partnerships between nations are really moving forward, and we’ve heard of different examples here at the conference.

The presentations were phenomenal, the organisation of the event was excellent and I really look forward to being part of this conference in the years to come.

For us as a sponsor, this event is great because of the feedback and input that we received in terms of new requirements for the vehicles. We were one of the first to present at the conference and it was great to see that what we presented aligns to what the militaries want.

What I presented was very accurate and really summarised everything that people are looking for, especially in terms of the infantry fighting vehicles; this type is really one of the main vehicles out there, it is the real vehicle of choice and the main focus throughout the conference.

You know, this is something that we have not really been driving towards, and it is something outside of what we have been pushing in NIMR. To understand that the level of protection, the mobility aspect, the C4I, the MC capabilities and all of that, that we are providing are now moving forward as part of the whole of requirements that exist today, this is really important.”