How to prepare for large-scale global systemic failure: Insights from the Geneva Global Initiative

How to prepare for large-scale global systemic failure: Insights from the Geneva Global Initiative

The face of global risk is being transformed and the likelihood of more impactful stresses and shocks that may potentially undermine the ability of our societies to function is growing. Ahead of this year’s CBRN Summit, we gained exclusive insight from David Korowicz, Director of Risk and Response at the Geneva Global Initiative, a key sponsor of the event. He discusses the changing face of global risk, the level of preparedness of governments, and the need for CBRN professionals and contingency agencies to collaborate in order to prepare for the worst. 

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By downloading this interview, you will:

  • Learn more about the evolving nature of systemic risk and the causes for it
  • Gain insight on how CBRN professionals can educate their governments’ risk perception and awareness to enhance their response
  • Understand better how an improved communication between all stakeholders will help enhance interoperability and incident response 

In this interview, Mr Korowicz answers the following questions:

  • Could you start by explaining how risk in general is changing and what do you find is causing this?
  • Where are these additional sources of systemic risk coming from? 
  • Do you think governments are prepared? If not, what is wrong with the way we currently treat risk?
  • What can CBRN professionals take away from this to educate their governments' risk perception and awareness?
  • Do you see anything else that should be improved?
  • Please could you explain your concept of Hazard-independent Catastrophic Impact Preparedness [HiCIP]? What does this mean to governments and institutions and what can they take away from your vision?
  • We’ve talked about how contingency agencies should communicate better with governments; what about inter-government communication? And governments from different nations?
  • How have you already been helping governments and institutions and what more needs to be done? How would you rate governments' understanding and urgency in appreciating the nuances of the risk model you propose?

At this year’s CBRN Summit, David Korowicz will speak on the transformation of global risk and the role of contingency planning. To view who will join him, you can view the full conference agenda here

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