CBRN threats: Latest incidents around the globe

CBRN threats: Latest incidents around the globe

The CBRN threat is evolving rapidly. Now, not only are States menaced by potential accidents – such as the explosion of the Fukushima power plant triggered by a tsunami – but by malicious actors wanting to commit terrorist acts. Hopefully, such acts have been foiled before they even happened, but the threat remains and States need prepare their response in case of such an attack. 

Ahead of the CBRN Summit, Defence IQ compiled a map of the latest Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear incidents that happened in the last ten years across the globe, to get a better understanding of the threat context. 

Download the map now >>

Top reasons to download the map:

  • Learn more about how malicious actors are incorporating CBRN elements into their terrorist plans
  • Gain insights on CBRN incidents which happened in countries that will attend the CBRN Summit

Download the map to learn more about incidents which happened in countries that will attend the CBRN Summit such as:

  • United States – how letters containing ricin were addressed to the Pentagon
  • Netherlands – Shell’s failure to stop two explosion and a gas leak at a chemical plant
  • United Kingdom – the attempted assassination of exiled Russian spy Sergey Skripal by nerve agent Novichok in Salisbury
  • Germany – foiled terror plan that would have been Germany’s first biological attack, as a couple was arrested before they could build an explosive device filled with ricin
  • Spain – 2015 chemical incident that saw an orange cloud of toxic materials flying over the town of Igualada, forcing more than 60,000 people to stay inside

The CBRN Summit will gather a panel of senior speakers from across the world to discuss prevention, detection and response to CBRN threats. You can view the full agenda here or you can request a copy to be sent to your inbox here

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