Prevent, Detect and Respond: Coordinating an Effective and Resilient Response to the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) Threat

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats are constantly evolving in nature. They can originate from varying sources at any given time, and the consequences of which have not been experienced before, providing a significant challenge for security and emergency responders.

Over the past decade, chemical attacks by both state and non-state actors in Syria, the Novichock attack in Salisbury, and the unforgiving Ebola epidemic have brought the CBRN threat to the forefront of international attention, identifying capability gaps and limitations to our existing defence and response structures.

In response to this threat, the Geneva CBRN Summit and Live Exercise, held with support from the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, will bring together leading security professionals and industry leaders to address current CBRN threat trends, the latest technological and doctrinal procedures for improving detection, verification and decontamination of hazardous materials, and a live joint exercise demonstration that will emphasise the importance of interoperability at every level to determine an effective and unified response.

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Meet Our Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

Join the CBRN Summit to:


Improve interoperability between response units to ensure an effective and unified response


Maximise your CBRN response capabilities with emerging CBRN defense technologies


Enhance international collaboration to operate alongside partners from civilian, military and humanitarian sectors, and develop joint strategies to prevent, detect and respond to CBRN incidents


Examine the future operating environment with briefings from leading CBRN responders who will help you to align your operating procedures to overcome new threats


Maximise your decontamination procedures to recover more quickly from a hazardous incident

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