Launching UAVs into Civil Airspace – an Indian Model

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It’s 2013 and the G20 Summit Leaders have gathered in Mumbai, India under the ominous threat of widespread civil disorder and imminent complex terror threats. India’s security forces are heavily taxed on all fronts in the attempt to maintain situational awareness through deployed ground units, but, unknown to the wider public is the widespread deployment of medium altitude long-loiter tactical UAVs. Fortunately, both the technology and regulatory guidelines needed to transform this fictional unmanned airborne capability into a potent reality are already in place. So why is this scenario so remarkable? To date, it has never been accomplished in non-segregated civil airspace – even when UAS operations have been combat tested and proven in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

In this webinar, retired Royal Air Force Squadron Leader and leading UAS consultant Keven Gambold directly addresses the steps required to transition UAS in the civil sector from fiction to reality. More importantly, he accomplishes this in the context of a lifelike complex case study: ‘Operation G20 Summit – Mumbai’.  

Join webinar leader, Keven Gambold, in his mission to detail the fundamental processes required to make UAS available and safe for operation in civilian airspace. Participants will learn:

The 3 principles and 5 steps required to establish operator and agency certification; to regulate unmanned systems in governed national airspace; and to successfully meet ELOS and TLOS standards

  • A detailed breakdown of Indian airspace classifications and where unmanned systems will most successfully operate within the region’s regulated airspace
  • The role of standards development organisations
  • Critical areas that need further research
  • Operator training and suggested syllabi specifics
  • Airworthiness standards that are currently being offered by manufacturers; and what these should be in the future

Additionally, Keven talks about the unique differences between ‘Sense and Avoid’ and ‘Sense and Respond’ systems. This and all of the significant problem areas listed above will be explained in detail - and dramatically illustrated in the context of 3 separate scenarios for ‘Operation G20 Summit – Mumbai’.

Join Keven for this unique webinar presentation – register yourself and your team today!

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Keven Gambold Squadron Leader RAF (Retired)