Future Proofing your Military Messaging System with a Data Centric Approach [Webinar]

Adhering to new NATO Standards

This webinar will deliver insight on embedding COTS solutions to extend messaging capability and comply with legacy and emerging international messaging standards

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01:00 PM - 02:00 PM GMT

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Key Themes of this session

Extend messaging capability and comply with legacy and emerging international messaging standards

Many defence organisations are currently revising the messaging tools they use. As we know, a rapid, reliable and secure messaging system is vital for success – but in an increasingly digitised world – they can be difficult & costly to implement and maintain while adhering to new and NATO standardisation agreements.

This free webinar from Defence IQ expands on the future of military messaging technology and deploying interoperable COTS solutions to address new data sharing requirements. 

Key Themes

  • Embed your Secure Military Messaging systems within Microsoft Exchange platform while adhering to full military compliance standards and new NATO Standards
  • Future proofing your secure Military Messaging Microsoft platform and incorporating Data Centric Security and Data Classification. Ensure you can meet National, International and NATO Standards within your Microsoft platform
  • Secure, Compatible Military Messaging embedded within your Microsoft platform, across High Command, Air, Land Sea services

  • Extending Legacy messaging systems – To attain compatibility with modern national and international military standards. Ensure applicability to present standards and future messaging and communication standards

What will you learn?

  1. How you can comply with not only existing but emerging national, international and NATO communication and messaging standards

  2. Why implement a Data-Centric Security approach with data classification and labelling at the core

  3. The benefits of adopting a single COTS platform to provide support across legacy systems and emerging communication platforms

  4. How to assure the integrity and accuracy of all communications with 3rd party organisations


Martin Sugden
Boldon James

Martin has over twenty years’ experience in the Security Industry. After changing Boldon James from a loss making services organisation into a security products company, he led the Management Buyout of Boldon James in 2005 and the subsequent sale to QinetiQ Plc in 2007. Martin is behind the expansion of Boldon James from the specialised Military Messaging business into Commercial Data Classification. He is a Chartered Accountant and has spent time on the board of several UK listed organisations.

Richard Bailey
Chief Development Director
Boldon James

Richard graduated from UMIST in 1979 with a First Class Honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and also gained an MSc in Factory Automation from UMIST in 1986. Richard joined Boldon James in 1987 as a software developer and by 1999 had taken ownership of the Software Development Group, with a responsibility for over 40 software development specialists. He has over 30 years of experience in software engineering across a variety of business sectors including Defence, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Retail.