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Military cooperation drives Arctic affairs, not Defence issues

Contributor: Andrew Elwell
Posted: 5/22/2015

Military cooperation drives Arctic affairs, not Defence issues - Andrew Elwell

Activity in the Arctic has been gradually increasing for the last few years for such things as adventure tourism, shipping exploration and resource exploitation. The opportunities in the region have caused a number of nations to take note and as a result, cooperation between the Arctic nations is the most critical factor when considering the long-term environmental challenges and resource opportunities in the region. Any opportunity to call together the interested parties and discuss the security and environmental landscape is not only welcomed, but vital. Full Article »


Captain Chuck Gunzel on future offshore priorities -

Captain Charles “Chuck” Gunzel of the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) updates us on the need for US offshore patrol vessels to remain flexible, modular and interoperable. He discusses the emphasis on open architecture and testing, and explains the ongoing and future priorities for cost-effective platforms. Full Video »


Introducing Ireland's Samuel Beckett-class: Rear Admiral Mark Mellett -

With this year's event being held in Dublin, Rear Admiral Mark Mellett of the Irish Defence Forces (and the conference chairman), explains to Defence IQ the reasoning behind the introduction of the new Samuel Beckett-class OPVs in this new podcast. He also discusses the construction of the vessel with an eye towards climate change, cost-efficiency in a complex maritime environment, meeting emerging threats, and reveals his key to working effectively with industry partners and shipyards. Full Podcast »


Offshore Patrol Vessels and Surface Combatants Latin America: Market Report 2015

The Latin American proportion of the world OPV fleet has grown from 12% -14% over the last year and the number on order from 13-16%. In addition, up to 50 more OPVs are planned for procurement in this region. Full Sector Report »


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