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Contributor: Gaia Racca
Posted: 09/20/2016
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The recent nuclear test carried out by North Korea has had far reaching consequences on the geopolitical dynamics of the region. While Japan, South Korea and the US reacted unanimously, calling for further sanctions against Pyongyang and increasing their military presence on the peninsula, China sat on the fence. China’s unclear position on the sub Full Article »
Posted: 06/17/2012
Captain Chuck Gunzel on future offshore priorities

Captain Charles "Chuck" Gunzel of the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) updates us on the need for US offshore patrol vessels to remain flexible, modular and interoperable. He discusses the emphasis on open architecture and testing, and explains the ongoing and future priorities for cost-effective platforms.

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Posted: 09/02/2014
on point podcast series
Introducing Ireland's Samuel Beckett-class: Rear Admiral Mark Mellett With this year's event being held in Dublin, Rear Admiral Mark Mellett of the Irish Defence Forces (and the conference chairman), explains to Defence IQ the reasoning behind the introduction of the new Samuel Beckett-class OPVs in this new podcast. He also discusses the Full Podcast »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 06/15/2016
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This report is divided into three distinct sections: a detailed overview of all the known OPV programmes requirements in the region; a full list of known OPV and warship holdings in Middle Eastern military inventories; and an analysis of Middle Eastern data from Defence IQ’s global market survey, identifying trends and requirements specific to the region. Full Sector Report »