Air, Land and Sea Defence Services

Here you can gain an all-encompassing picture of military tri-service needs and the extended security and industry efforts that are impacting the front line. We look to cover news on the defence supply chain and integration efforts, with insight from defence industry suppliers working on cutting-edge solutions.

Contributor: Richard de Silva
Posted: 09/07/2016
Future military operations are almost universally expected to be conducted in a coalition environment. While this alleviates certain pressures on individual nations, it also makes an already complex process of procurement and logistics a more complicated field to traverse. The Middle East is experiencing this very trend, with recent actions and exe Full Article »
Posted: 07/15/2013
on point podcast series
UK GBAD Commander on Olympics defence and security Colonel Jon Campbell, the UK MoD's Ground Based Air Defence Commander, reveals the full extent of London's missile security measures during the Summer Olympic Games of 2012 in this 30 minute audio programme. Campbell explains the various challenges faced by his forces, offering advice to his Full Podcast »
Contributor: Richard Pain
Posted: 04/18/2016
With 7,107 islands and 10.2% of the world’s coastline, the defence capabilities of the Philippines are stretched to face challenges including piracy, terrorism, illegal fishing, pollution, smuggling and more. In response to these and other threats, the Philippines government has increased its 2016 defence budget by 9.2% for 2016, reaching a total of PHP126.62 billion ($2.66 billion). This represents a record defence budget for the country. Full Sector Report »