Cyber Defence
Contributor: Richard de Silva
Posted: 05/05/2016
As part of our summer 2016 Cybersecurity Review, we are seeking your input. Simply spend three minutes on our survey and let us know your general thoughts about the threats, vulnerabilities, procedures and prospects for cybersecurity in your organisation. Full Article »
Posted: 04/05/2013
Interview: Brian Contos, Solera Networks

Brian Contos, Worldwide VP of Sales Engineering and Professional Services at Solera Networks, pinpoints where the shift in the cyber threat vector lies and how his company provides a solution to a wide range of concerns.


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Posted: 04/01/2014
on point podcast series
ICS Cyber Security Live Hacking Exercise: Meet The HostICS Cyber Security will be hosting a two-day live hacking exercise specifically to enhance participants' knowledge of protecting industrial control systems within a real-time, realistic environment. This not-to-be-missed experience will be hosted by Matt Luallen, president and co-founder of Full Podcast »
Posted: 12/16/2015
A Modern Framework for Network Security in Government
The adversary wants access to that same data – to steal it, disrupt it, or possibly even change it. To reduce advanced attacks, governments must create agility to prevent attacks across their networks, from the perimeter edge and endpoints to the heart of their data centers. Security operations centers (SOCs) and intelligence analysts must have less noise and more relevant data to act upon. They must move beyond mere detection and response, to prevention that allows the security functions to prevent, automatically, in cooperation with one another. Full Sector Report »