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J.P. Morgan doubles cyber security spending following Russian data breach - Defence IQ Press

Last week J. P. Morgan revealed that the private data of 76 million households had been “compromised” in one of the biggest cyber breaches yet. While the cyber attack is one of the largest in terms of numbers of people affected, the US bank said there was “no evidence” that account numbers, dates of birth and social security numbers were accessed and reports “not to have seen any unusual customer fraud related to this incident.” Full Article »


Interview: Brian Contos, Solera Networks

Posted: 4/5/2013

Interview: Brian Contos, Solera Networks -

Brian Contos, Worldwide VP of Sales Engineering and Professional Services at Solera Networks, pinpoints where the shift in the cyber threat vector lies and how his company provides a solution to a wide range of concerns Full Video »


ICS Cyber Security Live Hacking Exercise: Meet The Host -

ICS Cyber Security will be hosting a two-day live hacking exercise specifically to enhance participants' knowledge of protecting industrial control systems within a real-time, realistic environment. This not-to-be-missed experience will be hosted by Matt Luallen, president and co-founder of CYBATI. In this 20 minute podcast interview, Matt introduces himself, along with the benefits of attending the exercise. He also explores his own hands-on perspective on the ICS domain as a whole and what the industry needs to know today for better protection tomorrow. Full Podcast »


NSA leaks forces defence sector to confront big data future

It is perhaps no revelation to say that, when compared to the private sector, governments have been largely slow to engage with the big data movement. There is of course an undeniable need for them to come down from the wings and play catch up, and while some public bodies have indeed moved forward with the times, others are still languishing on the sidelines. Full Sector Report »


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