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USO President Sloan Gibson discusses the current efforts by The USO to help Soldiers who are in Afghanistan & Iraq

Hosted By :  Sean Pillai
May 27, 2009
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About this Podcast...

The United Service Organizations (USO) was founded during World War II to bring relief and comfort to service members who were stationed all over the globe and at home. Having a slogan at the time as being the “Home Away from Home” for the military the community of supporters grew as the morale programs took center stage in improving the general lifestyle of military personnel. Following WWII, the USO continued to serve military personnel by providing performances and morale programs throughout the Korean, and Vietnam Wars. Their unique kinship with the military allowed for them to continue to provide services during peacetime at home and abroad since the 1940s to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The USO currently provides support to military personnel engaged in combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The President of the USO, Sloan Gibson joins Defence IQ to talk about the wonderful organization that is the USO. Sloan speaks to the current efforts being undertaken by the USO to help service members who are in the far reaches of the Afghanistan and even those still serving in the South Pacific. Sloan who is an Army veteran himself, oversees the 130 plus centers, thousands of volunteers and programs literally around the world that provide comfort and morale to members of the armed forces.

Rate this Podcast: (5.0 Stars | 2 Votes)

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