Will the 5,300 Army redundancies significantly affect the UK’s military capabilities for future operations?

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Posted:  01/23/2013  12:00:00 AM EST
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In accordance with 2010’s Strategic Defence and Security Review the MoD has announced that the third tranche of Army redundancies will come into effect and puts 5,300 soldiers in the firing line.

“The Army is unfortunately reducing to 82,000 by 2020 and this tranche of redundancy is essential to achieving that. I fully recognise the unwelcome uncertainty and pressure for those who will be liable in the employment fields announced today,” said Chief of the General Staff General Sir Peter Wall.

In 2011 we posted an article about information relating to an Armed Forces Redundancy Calculator - based on the number of people searching (and no doubt worrying about) their impending redundancy, that article has been one of the most visited this week (for clarity: an article posted 18 months ago is never one of the most visited).

Clearly these redundancies will have an impact not only on the individual soldiers and their employment status, but more broadly it will also impact Britain’s warfighting capabilities. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond stated that in the future the UK will have a smaller but better equipped Army and that “these redundancies will not affect current operations in Afghanistan.”

We’d like to hear from you on this issue – will the 5,300 Army cuts significantly affect the UK’s military capabilities for future operations? If so, how detrimental do you think the cuts will be and what can the government do to reverse this trend?

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