Turkey delays F-35 purchase

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Posted:  01/14/2013  12:00:00 AM EST
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Following Canada’s concerns with its F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme, Turkey has become the latest country to backtrack on its decision to buy Lockheed Martin’s fifth generation jet. The Undersecretariat of Defense Industry (SSM) announced that it would be shelving its acquisition of two F-35A fighters. Although officials are insisting that Turkey will persevere with its F-35 programme, the delay may be indefinite since no date has been specified for when it intends to procure the 100 JSFs it originally signed up for.

“Due to the current state of the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) … and the rising cost … it was decided to postpone the order placed on Jan 5, 2012, for the two aircraft,” a SSM statement said.

Australia has also delayed its F-35 programme and other participating nations such as Italy and the Netherlands may follow.

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