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F-35 News Round-up: 24th July 2014

Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 7/24/2014

F-35 News Round-up: 24th July 2014 - Defence IQ Press

You may have heard that Great Britain's £70m next-generation fighter jet, the F-35 Lightning II, had a bit of an accident this month. But that's just the latest twist in a long and expensive history. Full Article »

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Interview: Lt Col Harald Høiback

Posted: 4/9/2013

Interview: Lt Col Harald Høiback -

What can history teach us about the implementation of Air Power strategy today? To what extent can, does or should public perception influence military approaches to Air Power doctrine? These questions and more are answered by 2013 Fighter Nordic speaker LtCol Harald Høiback ahead of this year’s event. Full Podcast »

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The JTAC Imperative

Posted: 7/23/2014

The JTAC Imperative

At first glance, SrA. Zach Sherwood looked like a typical soldier on patrol in Gurbuz, Afghanistan. Clad in standard Army fatigues with an M-4 slung over his body armour, Sherwood moved in formation with the squad of Army scouts as the unit made its way toward the home of a suspected Taliban facilitator, located in this bustling district in the country’s eastern half. Full Sector Report »

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Dear Mrs, Ms or Mr, I’m a librarian and one of the searchers of my company is interested in a paper presented at “future mortars...

Has there been a change of CDF in the Australian Defence Force?

Hello, I am currently researching for my masters dissertation on PSYOPS; from World War II to the present day - this will...

I am a serial inventor based in Scotland.

Posted by:  wmg | Answer this question
Dear Mrs, Ms or Mr, I’m a librarian and one of the searchers of my company is interested in a paper presented at “future mortars systems 2012” conference (insensitive munitions UK policy – R.

Hi All, Please, let me know, Whats the least and maximum weight of Bullet proof jacket (IIIA), Include Collar and Groin Protection?

The armoured vehicle 4x4 need 2 ton payload capacity and gross weight capacity 8 ton approx.