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Why medical support operations begin and end with communication

Contributor: Richard de Silva
Posted: 4/24/2015

Why medical support operations begin and end with communication - Richard de Silva

Alongside the establishment of AFRICOM, the United States and other Western nations have placed greater focus on a “long war” against terrorism, which involves bolstering weak and failing states so that governments possess the security and public confidence to stave off grass-root insurgencies. The ‘Phase Zero’ concept is multi-faceted and a number of DoD agencies contribute to its efforts. Full Article »

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Interview: Lt Col Harald Høiback

Posted: 4/9/2013

Interview: Lt Col Harald Høiback -

What can history teach us about the implementation of Air Power strategy today? To what extent can, does or should public perception influence military approaches to Air Power doctrine? These questions and more are answered by 2013 Fighter Nordic speaker LtCol Harald Høiback ahead of this year’s event. Full Podcast »

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Military Flight Training Report 2015: Complete Edition

For the first time, Defence IQ has brought together Part I and Part II of this important Military Flight Training Report to produce this complete edition. Download the report to read exclusive insight from the flight training community, understand comprehensive requirements from around the globe and see the data and analysis from our proprietary survey conducted in January 2015 with experts and leading authorities in the industry. Full Sector Report »

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