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On this Air Force Portal you’ll discover a variety of media covering air force training, close air support and air operations. Subjects covered include military aircraft (Super Hornet and the Erurofighter Typhoon) and military avionics, ariel and preditor drones, UAVs and UCAVs as well as technical developments, investments and requirements.

USAF airborne ISR capabilities set for $2.5 billion boost with Joint STARS Recapitalization programme - Andrew Elwell

The Joint STARS Recapitalization programme, a project designed to upgrade and modernise the U.S. Air Force’s Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS), could be worth $2.5 billion in development funding alone over the next five years according to USAF acquisition official Colonel Scott Owens. Full Article »

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Interview: Lt Col Harald Høiback

Posted: 4/9/2013

Interview: Lt Col Harald Høiback -

What can history teach us about the implementation of Air Power strategy today? To what extent can, does or should public perception influence military approaches to Air Power doctrine? These questions and more are answered by 2013 Fighter Nordic speaker LtCol Harald Høiback ahead of this year’s event. Full Podcast »

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Military Flight Training Market Report 2015: Part 2

In Part 2 of Defence IQ's Military Flight Training Report 2015, we provide an analysis of exclusive data generated through a comprehensive survey of the military flight training community. Download the report to find out what the priority attributes are for flight training in the next 10 years, the integration of simulation with live fly, key investment areas for the future and what the globally accepted rate of attrition is among flight training professionals. Full Sector Report »

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