Unmanned Ground Vehicles 2020 Market Report

Unmanned Ground Vehicles 2020 Market Report

The Unmanned Ground Vehicles market is booming and is expected to reach a value of $7 billion by 2025. Its increase is driven by a lot of procurement and modernisation programmes and is supported by rapid technological advancement and the need to reduce soldier burdens, increase force mass and prepare for underground and urban operations. Ahead of the Unmanned Ground Vehicles conference, organised in conjunction with International Armoured Vehicles 2020, Defence IQ compiled this report outlining current key programmes and requirements in the UGV space. 

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Key benefits of downloading the report:

  • Know top acquisition priorities from countries that will be present at Unmanned Ground Vehicles 
  • Develop business strategies by meeting the right people from countries having active programmes and key requirements at Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • Gain insights into investment trends from your peers

This report contains information on the following countries, which will be speaking at the Unmanned Ground Vehicles conference:

  • Belgium – participation in the European Modular Unmanned Ground Systems project to help reduce soldiers’ equipment burden
  • France – order of 54 Nerva and Caméléon UGVs as part of the Scorpion programme and procurement of a new light armoured vehicle with a potential unmanned remote-controlled capability
  • Germany – delivery of 44 ‘throwable’ UGVs by Endeavor Robotics
  • The Netherlands – delivery of two THeMIS UGVs as part of the Army’s Concept Development and Experimentation Project
  • United Kingdom – update on the MUM-T and Autonomous Last Mile Resupply programmes, along the delivery of the first four T7 UGVs under Project Starter 
  • United States – update on the Robotic Combat Vehicle, Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle, Expedient Leader Follower and Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport and the Common robotic System-Individual programmes, along with the US’s ambition for highly intelligent unmanned robotic systems through the Legged Locomotion and Movement Adaptation robot

Additional information can be found on the following countries include:

  • Australia – automation of M113 AS4 APCs 
  • Belarus – development of the Berserk combat UGV by Belspetsvneshtekhnika
  • Canada – C$6 million contract award to Nexter Robotics for 88 Nerva multi-purpose robots under the High Research Secured-Remotely Operated Vehicle Systems requirement
  • China – unveiling of King Leopard Tracked Reconnaissance and Assault UGV, Cavalry Lightweight Tracked Multi-purpose and Dragon Horse II high mobility UGVs at Airshow China 2018
  • Estonia – trials of the THeMIS UGV during the Spring Storm 2019 exercise
  • Iran – footage revealed anti-tank kamikaze UGVs fitted with assault rifles
  • Israel –update on the Carmel programme
  • New Zealand – contract award to Roboteam for dozens of remotely controlled Transportable Interoperable Ground Robots
  • Norway – contract award to FLIR Systems Inc. to supply 20 plus PackBot UGVs
  • Russia – future delivery of 12 updated Uran-6 multipurpose mine clearance UGVs
  • Serbia – trials of the Milos UGV for counter-terror operations

This report was created ahead of the Unmanned Ground Vehicles conference. You can view the full line up of speakers and sessions here.


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